JAG Personal Alemania is a consulting firm specialized in sourcing and recruiting qualified staff to work in Germany. We support workers all around the world in their integration in the German job market, collaborating only with serious and recognized employers that are looking for professionals in an international context.

We want to clearly state that we don’t work as a subcontracting company
and that we are not a temporary work agency. We just offer our services
to the Human Resources departments searching for the best candidates.
Final hiring and contract signing is carried out in the companies and we
just act as intermediaries in the whole process.



At JAG Personal we believe that in order to achieve the most suitable symbiosis between companies and professionals, it is important and necessary to work close to our candidates, understanding the personal situation and goals of every one of them and negotiating the best hiring conditions for them. Based on this philosophy, we put a special care in selecting out clients to be sure that they offer our candidates stable job positions, according to their education and professional qualification, with competitive salaries and good career development prospects. Trust, transparency, professionalism and commitment are other values that guide us in delivering our services.

Information – On-site assistance in Germany

We are aware of the great deal of doubts and fears that can be associated with the labour mobility to Germany. Therefore, from their arrival to the country and during their whole professional life in Germany we offer our candidates close support in order for them to achieve a full social, cultural and professional integration.

In contrast to other recruitment companies, the personalized and individual treatment is our trademark. A concept that we develop collaborating with the information website Destino Alemania (Destination Germany) and with our direct conversations with the candidates through social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Everyone who wants to get to know us can openly talk with us through different social networks. We will be at your full disposal to offer more detailed information about us and our working methods.

If you are interested you can also check the sections corresponding each of the main sectors in which we manage job offers:

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