Medicine & Nursing

Besides the general lack of qualified workforce Germany is group of students working at the laboratorysuffering, there is a specific shortage of healthcare professionals. The German educational system does not generate enough healthcare workers to cover all the demand of these professionals in Germany. Therefore, hospitals and clinics must look beyond the German borders. The demand of foreign healthcare professionals has grown a lot and it will keep doing it in the next years. Additionally, the progressive aging of the population pyramid is bringing a logical increase in the number of people requiring special healthcare.

In order to satisfy this high demand of healthcare professionals, from JAG Personal we search mainly for nurses and doctors with a strong interest and motivation to come to work in Germany. Through us a fast and satisfying entrance in the German job market can be achieved, having access to job positions with good working conditions and career advancement possibilities. As always in Germany, a good level of the language makes the whole process much easier.

If you are interested you can send your CV in German to  recruiting (at)